• Consistent, organic & sustainable ingredients
  • All ingredients have a specific beneficial use, we do not add non-beneficial bulking/filling ingredients to our Growing Medium
  • Most of our products are Pine-Bark based, which is a superior base ingredient due to Pine Bark maintaining its structure for a prolonged period

It is important for:

  • Ideal balance between drainage and water retention
  • Superior aeration characteristics
  • A sterile medium
  • Does not compact, breakdown, and subside as much as other mediums containing sawdust, straw and mushroom waste
  • Pine Bark is not easily digested by white ants, and is therefore not attractive to them
  • Pine Bark is a universally accepted base ingredient for superior growing mediums

Moisture and Aeration Control
Moisture control and aeration of the medium enhances ideal micro organism activity.


Temperature Control
Temperature control is important in order to facilitate the ideal composting conditions.


Effective screening requires the bark to be dry. Screening allows for sizing requirements to be customized.


Initial watering of the dry bark will take longer than damp bark. Once wet the bark retains moisture content better than most mediums without becoming water logged.


Our products are generally slightly heavier to handle because ingredients are well composted, however, they are rich in micronutrients, have good water retention properties, and do not subside significantly when watered.

Laboratory tests are conducted from time to time, both by ourselves and independent laboratories. We encourage commercial customers to test samples independently in order to ensure that the products comply with their requirements.

Pine bark in its acidic form is a great ingredient for Blue Berry growing medium mix designs, as well as other acid loving plants. Its physical characteristics are also conducive to creating a well aerated and draining medium, furthermore Pine Bark retains its structure for a lot longer than most other natural or organic materials used in growing mediums.

Both Pine Bark mulch as well as Pine Bark based growing mediums are popular with macadamia farmers and nurseries.

Among the benefits of a Pine Bark Mulch are the it retains its structure and lasts longer than most other mulches, is heavier therefore does not get easily blown or washed away in heavy winds or rain, assist in regulating the maximum and minimum soil temperatures, reduces the opportunity for weeds, assists in preventing splash erosion, eventually composts and adds organic content to the soil.

Pine bark in its partially composted form is often used as a major ingredient in specific mix designs by macadamia nut growers and nurseries, this is to Pine bark's superior physical, aeration, drainage, and sterile characteristics.

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